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Endurance, Resilience and Conquering Your Everest with Pat Falvey

Pat Falvey DataBites Speaker Trigon Hotels

Endurance, Resilience and Conquering your Everest

Mountaineer, polar explorer, expedition leader and Cork-man Pat Falvey to speaker to the Trigon Hotel team this November as part of the DataBites Speaker Series at the Trigon Hotels group.

On the 5th November at 3pm, Pat Falvey will address the Trigon Hotels team with an inspiring and motivational talk based on a true-life story of success, failure, reinventing oneself and learning from lessons.

With over 40 years of up’s and down’s, having lost everything and then building back a stronger and more successful team, Pat developed a new course that would take him from the depths of depression and the recession to rebuilding his self-esteem and leading a lifetime of adventure around the world.

With renewed determination and focus Pat rebuilt his new adventure business and went on to complete multiple adventures around the world, crossing glaciers, mountains, deserts and jungles.

As an expedition team member and leader, Pat has climbed Mount Everest four times, reaching the summit twice. He has crossed Antarctica to the South Pole and traversed Greenland as well as completing many more life-defining expeditions. He became the first person in the world to twice complete the Seven Summits by reaching the summit of Mount Everest from both its north and south sides.

Pat also lived with and studied many tribes worldwide, from western man, to nomadic tribes in Africa, to the stone-age tribes in the jungles of West Papua New Guinea. From them, he has discovered fascinating similarities and traits in all of mankind: to challenge, to change, set goals and to achieve them. Among these various tribes and cultures he has studied what exactly has driven man to succeed since the evolution of our species.

Pat will recount these stories and the lessons he learned along the way at the talk on the 5th of November. They are especially relevant during the COVID 19 crisis and will help in inspiring people to confront the challenges we face.


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