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Diversity and Inclusion

You Are Welcome Here

Belonging is important.

At Trigon, we don’t believe in difference, we believe in passion. If you are passionate about your job and following your dream then we want you. Come as you are, we just want to get to know the real you and help you follow your passion at Trigon Hotels.

We’re taking steps to make our hotels a better place to work every day. We’re diversifying our team, making changes, creating beautiful partnerships and embarking on exciting collaborations to make sure you find a place of work where you feel like you fit in.

If you have a passion you want to follow, then you belong with us, no matter your background, identity or circumstances. When you join us, we will welcome your input and together, we can make the changes needed to make sure we are a better company then before.

We want you to feel welcome here

LGBTQIA+ Friendly LGBTQIA+ Friendly
Jam Card Friendly Jam Card Friendly
ASD Trained Team ASD Trained Team
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Through our partnership with Ability@Work, we welcome people with different abilities to join our team, or to take part in placement and shadowing days.


JAM Card allows people with a hidden disability like autism or communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily.

Want to work with us?

Trigon Hotels is an equal opportunities employer and applications are welcome from everyone, including people with different abilities or disabilities. Did you know that in Ireland the ‘Employment Equality Act’ obliges employers to make ‘reasonable accommodations’ for persons with disabilities. This means that if you apply for a job with us, we consider whether there are steps we can take or things we can do to help you carry out the role you applied for. So if you would like to apply for a role with Trigon Hotels, don’t let anything hold you back! Speak to our team and if the role is right for you and your skillsets, we will a way forward together.

If you have any questions, or require assistance with your application please contact our team directly by emailing careers@trigonhotels.com.

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