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Trigon Hotels Launches Fertility Policy


Trigon Hotels introduces inclusive benefit package for team members undergoing treatment 


Trigon Hotels has launched a new policy to support team members undergoing fertility treatment.  The programme will include options around flexible working hours and paid leave days and has been announced on February 1st to tie in with St Brigid’s association with fertility.

The team at Trigon Hotels, which includes the Metropole Hotel in Cork City and the Cork International Hotel, is mindful of the physical and emotional demands that fertility treatment can have on a person and wants to ensure that team members have all the help and support they need.  Individual experiences can differ with some people preferring to rest without distraction while others prefer to continue with their day-to-day activities.  With this in mind, Trigon Hotels have designed a package that can be adapted to suit a person’s requirements.


The package includes:

  • Up to 5 additional paid leave days either as a block or at critical stages of the treatment process in a 12 month period.
  • Working from home during key treatment dates where feasible.
  • Having a flexible start and end time or working hours to facilitate time off for time critical treatments.
  • Where the treatment is successful the employee will be covered by the Maternity Leave policy following egg implantation.


The organisation also has supports in place for those who have not had a successful treatment including compassionate leave to allow for 3 days paid leave within a 12-month period for early pregnancy loss and paid days for miscarriages.  Trigon Hotels are conscious that fertility treatment can also have an impact on partners and so they’ve included emergency family leave for partners of those undergoing any treatment.

Strategic Director of HR at Trigon Hotels, Kathleen Linehan said, “We really hope that this will take away some stress for our team members who are going through a difficult period in their lives. Our hope is that any team member who needs support while they’re undergoing treatment will know that we are here to support them in any way they need. It is very important to us to have an environment where our team have a good work-life balance and hopefully this will help ease the stress that can be associated with treatment for them.”

The fertility policy is inclusive and does not take gender, age or relationship status into account.  Training will also be provided to supervisors and managers to enable them to assist and support team members on their journey.

Managing Director at Trigon Hotels, Aaron Mansworth said, “Having a supportive workplace is very important to us and open support and visibility in providing the education to our wider teams will hopefully give our team members the confidence to use the policy and ask for help. My executive colleagues are very supportive of this policy and have been engaging in discussions. We hope to break any stigma that our team members may feel when talking about treatment or losses.  I really hope this will help encourage wider change in workplaces and I am extremely proud of Trigon Hotels in being leaders in the hospitality industry to support our team members at a time that they most need it”

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