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The Future of Hospitality – Trends and Challenges

How is technology impacting the hospitality workplace?

There is huge potential for a better-connected workforce. We see companies moving towards paperless workplaces to improve efficiency, but communication is also vital. We have integrated Workvivo into our workplace, an app that allows our team to collaborate and communicate with a variety of teams and departments across our three hotels in real-time. This in turn has seen an improvement in our processes and the way we do things which has positively impacted our work efficiency and customer service. In places such as China, there is a growing trend in wearable technology and we envision that this too will impact the workplace in the not-so-distant future. The bottom line is always the customer and we should embrace new technologies that improve the guest experience.

What are the challenges facing the industry?

No-one knows how Brexit will impact hospitality. It is an obvious worry, worry but our industry has proved itself resilient before and will do again when confronted with the challenge.

Keeping our cost base tight is also important. I always keep an eye on the past, when people might have lost the run of themselves, and how we can manage that better in the future.

What new trends are emerging?

There are so many trends coming down the line, it can be difficult to decipher which ones will be game changers and which ones will run their course. As such, we need to strategise as an industry and decide which technologies we are going to invest in. For example, Artificial Intelligence usage for Revenue Management, in particular, is set to disrupt the industry – enabling us to give guests what they want, when they want it. Virtual Reality is another growing trend, something people are beginning to look for. It enables us to give clients a true feel for what they will experience and can bridge the gap, particularly with clients overseas, or up the country who can’t physically come to see the hotel to plan events. Augmented reality is also being used to enhance communication with guests and will soon be a standard feature in hospitality.

What are the long-term goals for the industry?

Within our hotels the priorities will always be our guests and our team – making sure our guests are happy and our team is happy means we are doing well. In Cork the priority is driving long-term demand for Cork hotels. We need to ensure that the tourism brand for Cork, “Pure Cork” is promoted and given every opportunity to grow while sitting alongside the overall Cork brand which is #WeAreCork.

How can the hospitality industry improve?

Collaboration is key. In order to do better, we must also build up others around us. We all must work together – hotels, restaurants, licenced premises, visitor attractions, transportation providers, public services and the various business and enterprise stakeholders around the city, county and country. Embracing new technologies, such as those mentioned above are also vital. Keep innovating, stay creative.

Blog by Aaron Mansworth – Managing Director at Trigon Hotels

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