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So you’re engaged? Now what?

8 things to do first

You’re getting married! From the moment you say ‘yes’, there are so may things to think about, so many people to call and so much to get done! The next few months are guaranteed to be a complete whirlwind. Everyone will want to give their tuppence worth, and you’ll be tempted to dive right in to the planning, but where do you even start? It is vital that in the first few weeks, you sit down, take some time for you and your partner and make a plan.

We share our top ten things to do first to help you focus on what you really want for your big day:


  1. Celebrate!

You’d be surprised how many couples jump straight into scheduling and to-do lists without ever enjoying the moment. Whether it’s a nice Sunday lunch with your parents or a big bash for friends and family, make sure you take some you-time to really bask in that newly-engaged glow.

  1. Think about a date

While you can be swayed towards picking a venue first, its probably better to consider a date that will suit everyone before you set your heart on a venue. Having a set date in mind can help to narrow down the venue selection.

  1. Do a head count

Numbers can add up quickly, so it’s a great idea to sit down as a couple and draft out the guest list from the outset. Make sure you are both on the same page and avoid the temptation to tell everyone that they will be invited until you have a clear idea of the numbers in your head. Numbers will dictate the venue and budget, so it’s best to do this very early on.

  1. Research wedding venues

Don’t just go for what you saw in the magazine. Invest the time in researching a few options, as there are lots of things to take into consideration. Is it in line with your budget? Does it have the capacity you need? Is It accessible for your guests? Are they open to creating your wedding vision? Make sure you check out the reviews and testimonials and keep an open mind, as you may not always be able to secure your first choice.

  1. Budget

We all want the wedding of our dreams, but sometimes we have to achieve it on a budget. Nobody likes to talk about money but you will have to  sit down and discuss how much you intend to spend on your big day. Make sure you are both committed to the final figure as budgets can often be tossed to the side and you can over-spend needlessly. Outline a savings and finance plan if required and keep a track of all your spending – yes even the few euro here and there – it all adds up!

  1. The Wedding Plan

The budget and wedding plan go hand in hand. If you are considering hiring a wedding planner, it is best to get them on-board from the outset. Whether you buy a planner, draft up an excel sheet or opt for a good old-fashioned pen and paper list, a step-by-step checklist of everything you need is a good way to ensure you don’t forget anything you need for your big day.  It’s best to put deadlines and dates next to each checklist item as vendors book up really early so allow yourself enough time to secure them for your date.

  1. Choose the bridal party

When you have had time to settle down and the two of you have settled on all the big decisions, it’s time to select the member of your bridal party.  Remember that the more you have in your party, the higher the costs will be. Make sure to choose wisely as you will be surprised how much you will lean on these people to help you in the run-up to the big day, so they must be trustworthy and reliable.

  1. Mind yourself

Don’t let wedding stress and planning anxiety get the best of you. This is where your wedding plan will come into play, if you stick to the list, you can avoid any major stress. Over-exertion has led to the burn-out of many a bride and groom, so relax and avoid over-doing it on the fitness. Engage a personal trainer if required and follow a realistic plan with clear goals. Avoid wedding drama where possible and don’t sweat the small stuff – Make sure you lean on your bridal party for help.


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