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Chefs from some of Cork’s top hotels and restaurants are joining forces with leading chefs in Ireland and the UK. They will all be taking part in the hugely popular, Chef Collab – which is coming to Cork in July.

Chad Byrne, who is the Head Chef in the Brehon founded Chef Collab with the aim of combating the chef shortage in Ireland and hoping to encourage young people into the industry. Since it was set up last year, Chef Collab has had various sold out events in Killarney, Cork and Dublin.

Chef Collab sees apprentice chefs partnered with mentor chefs and they then spend time in the mentor’s kitchens. This allows them to learn new skills as  well as work together to create a special dish. Each pair then cooks and serves their creation at the Chef Collab event. The Cork event will be held on Monday 15th July at Olivo Restaurant at the Cork Airport Hotel.

Three chefs from Trigon Hotels in Cork will be involved along with one from the Celtic Ross Hotel and one from Jacobs on the Mall. The chefs from Trigon Hotels are Jacinta Desmond from Cork International Hotel, Wioleta Grzesik from Cork Airport Hotel and Milan Sitko from The Metropole Hotel. The five celebrity chefs involved include Michelin Chef, Marguerite Keogh from Five Fields Restaurant UK, JP McMahon from Galway, Pam Kelly from the Farmgate Restaurant in Cork , James Coffey from the Park Hotel Kenmare, Alberto Rossi from The Intercontential, James Sheridan from the Canteen Celbridge.

Founder of Chef Collab, Chad Byrne said: “Chef Collab is all about highlighting the talented  future chefs with the best chefs in the world today, through immersive learning, encouragement and of course fun thrown in … It is about breaking down barriers and getting back to basics. We work with companies who have an ethos that is aligned with what we do at Chef Collab, promoting positive work environments and willingness to help others. Every Collab has been a sell out, I think it is down to the positivity and good vibes which surround our events. We cook for the right reasons and it shows. We do it for the pure love of the craft.”

Managing Director of Trigon Hotels, Aaron Mansworth said: “We are delighted that Chef Collab is returning to Cork and especially pleased that three of our chefs will be taking part. This is such a fantastic initiative to highlight the possibilities that can come with careers in the hospitality sector. We are very proud of all our team members at Trigon Hotels and we are looking forward to hearing about the new skills and ideas that our chefs will learn as they take part in Chef Collab.”

Milan will spend three days in advance of the Chef Collab with Marguerite Keogh in the UK. Jacinta will spend time with JP McMahon in Galway while Wioleta will spend a few days in advance of the Chef Collab with Pam Kelly in the Farmgate Restaurant in Cork.

The event will take place on Monday 15th July 2019 at Olivo Italian Eatery at the Cork Airport Hotel and tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite. This event will have up to 120 guests on the night dining to an amazing unique culinary experience.




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