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One of the initiatives is the Raw Egg Challenge – would you do it?


Staff at the Metropole Hotel in Cork have come together to continue to raise funds for Cork’s Penny Dinners.


Cork Penny Dinners is one of Cork’s oldest caring charitable organisations and the charity of choice for the Metropole Hotel for 2020. However, although the hotel is closed currently due to the Covid-19 crisis, staff are continuing with their efforts to ensure they raise money for Cork Penny Dinners.


They have launched the “Raw Egg Challenge”. This is gaining much momentum with people being asked to eat a raw egg and donate €5 to Cork Penny Dinners or if they can’t stomach that they are being asked to donate €10 instead. After that, they are asked to nominate five people to do the challenge. Colleagues from the Cork International Hotel and the Cork Airport Hotel are also taking part to raise money for Cork Penny Dinners. The challenge is being run on social media and the public are invited to take part.


Other initiatives include the home baking of delicious cakes and bread which have been dropped to Penny Dinners. Also, staff are donating online to Penny Dinners on www.corkpennydinners.ie


General Manager of the Metropole Hotel, Roger Russell said: “Although we are not open right now we committed earlier this year to raise funds for the wonderful charity, Cork Penny Dinners and we want to do that. Staff have rallied together to help raise funds with a variety of initiatives, and we will do all we can at this time to support this fantastic charity.”


Cork Penny Dinners is currently serving up to 2,000 freshly made meals per week at their premises. Its aims are simple – to help all who struggle and those in need. Cork Penny Dinners provide a hot nourishing meal of soup, main course, dessert and tea/coffee daily. Sandwiches, biscuits, fruit and juice are also available to take away like an evening meal.

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