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Meet Diana, TMDP Participant

Meet Diana Bucko, Trainee Management Development Programme Participant

We catch up with Diana Bucko, Front Office Receptionist at Cork International Hotel. Having worked with Trigon Hotels for the past 4 years, Diana tells us about his favourites parts of Cork and how things are going on the Trainee Management Development Programme.

Diana with General Manager Roger Russell and Director of Operations Carmel Lonergan

Tell us a bit about you…
I am originally from Latvia, living 14 years in Ireland. I have studied Economics in Latvian University, then moved to Cork during the recession in 2008. The original plan was to become a Garda, so I did level five and six in Police and Security Studies at the Cork College of Commerce, but my son was too young and I couldn’t leave him to go to Templemore for six months. My mother was going to come over and stay with him but that didn’t work out. So I did a certificate in reception studies. I found it difficult to get a job without experience, so I started working in the housekeeping department at Cork International Hotel and after a few months, they trained me to work behind the front desk. They were very supportive and I was delighted.


Who is your role model?
I would have to say Edel Kavanagh, my front office manager

Diana busy behind the front desk at Cork International Hotel

What do you love most about living and working in Cork?

Cork has amazing natural amenities and a wonderful food scene – this is my favourite thing about Cork. Cork is very beautiful, my dad, he always says to me, send pictures, because he knows it will be scenic. I love Kinsale and the Sea Safari boat tours in Cobh – You go out on a speedboat and you can see all the dolphins and the nature. It is very special. Ireland has so much to offer, for my son there are more opportunities, better opportunities. We are very happy here.After a few months in Cork, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. This is home.

How did you discover your love for hospitality?I always had a good Communication skills, so could see myself working in Hospitality. I always like that phrase, find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. I love my job, I love communicating with people and I enjoy getting on well with the guests.


What do you enjoy about your current role?

Every day I am engaging with with people from all over the world. I like to hear stories from different guests – where are they from and what they are doing in cork.
What are you most enjoying about the programme so far?

I have had only 2 classes so far and I am always excited for the next class! I have already completed my cross training in the Food & Beverage department, which was for 2 weeks. This is a fast-paced programme and you learn quickly – for example I discovered I much preferred breakfast service to the restaurant!

Diana with fellow student Mario Furlan and Learning and Development Specialist Deirdre

How do you envision that the TMDP will help you on your career path?
It will gives me the opportunity to gain more knowledge. Spending time in the departments means I am going to be more familiar with how different departments operate, which will improve my skills and make me a more efficient and empathetic manager.

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