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Why All Businesses Should Hold Long Service Awards

Did you know that millennials change jobs on average every 2-4 years? In an era where longevity in a career is a little less revered and ‘job hoppers’ are a little more common, we chose to host our first annual Long Service Awards and we were very surprised at the impact they had on the entire team. Here’s why I believe that all businesses should hold Long Service Awards for their team.

Why did we hold a Long Service Awards?

Longevity in an industry nowadays is not that common – particularly in the hospitality industry, where turnover tends to be higher given seasonal employment. However, these awards weren’t about longevity. Although there were some impressive lengths of tenure, what was more impressive still was the careers and accomplishments of the members of our team throughout their career with the Trigon Hotels group. From 5 to 35 years, each member of the team demonstrated dedication and growth and played a role in us being shortlisted for some fantastic national awards, as well as being recognised individually for their outstanding achievements and contributions to both the company and the hotel industry.

These awards are the perfect way to acknowledge how far you have come as a company and recognising that the daily work of every team member has a significant impact on achieving your long-term goals.

How it impacts your team

A service award is an opportunity for us to recognise our team, but it also gives us a chance to come together as a group, encouraging cross-departmental interactions and giving team members a chance to chat outside of the work environment. It also fosters a sense of unity, allowing team members to share memories and experiences and giving them a chance to encourage other newer members and inspire them in their chosen career path. It also gives people the chance to reflect on how they have developed in their career and consider where they would like to go next with the company.

Why we need to celebrate

Our working day is filled with deadlines and targets. It’s important to take a break from the to-do-lists and recognise recent milestones that we’ve smashed. Our team returned to work after the event feeling a little more motivated and rejuvenated, excited about the coming months and looking forward to reaching new goals as a community.

What’s next?

For Trigon Hotels, these Long Service awards reminded us that we are a great company to work for. There is so much opportunity for our team and potential amongst our talent. Taking a look at how far some of our team have some was an inspiration for younger team members and reinforced for them that we are a company that encourages growth and development, who supports you in your ambitions.

Following the event, we discovered a renewed interest amongst our team in our existing programmes, such as our Trainee Management Development Programme. Seeing the young team inspired by the awards was fantastic to see.

Reasons to work with Trigon Hotels

From those starting their first job, to those with years of expertise and training, we want to work with the best people in the industry. If you are interested in a career with our team at Trigon Hotels, contact our HR team who m=would be more than interested to chat to you about opportunities:


Blog by Aaron Mansworth – Managing Director at Trigon Hotels

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