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Interning from Home – Life at Trigon Hotels

Learning with Trigon Hotels

As the world becomes more accustomed to online life, Caolan Callaghan has embraced his Digital Marketing Internship with Trigon Hotels and making a huge impact, even as he works through his internship from home.

Caolan Callaghan, a marketing student at MTU (Munster Technological University), joined the Trigon Digital Marketing Department in June 2021, as part of a 3-month internship to gain knowledge and experience in the marketing world. Half way through his journey so far with Trigon Hotels Group, Caolan let us know how he was finding the experience so far and what he is learning.

“I am mid-way through my internship with Trigon Hotel Group and I could not of expected it to go any better. My current role is Digital Marketing Intern and I am currently studying my degree in Marketing in Munster Technological University. When I got the opportunity to work with Trigon Hotels, I jumped right at it.” 

Speaking about the team around him Caolan said, “The team have been ever so helpful to me since the very start, always making sure that I understand what is going on but also getting me involved in the discussions. In honest truth I did not expect to see so much planning go into the hospitality sector and was very surprised. The team has been planning up to December in the middle of summer and it was a great experience to be involved with.”

Caolan has been working from home for the majority of his internship so far, but that has not hindered his learnings whatsoever; “Since the start of my internship I have already learnt so much like using websites to set bimonthly content calendars for all hotels involved with Trigon Hotels on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Another great experience I have had was sitting in on the Zoom calls for both the sales and marketing once a week and then the revenue calls every two weeks. I have learnt so much from the team in terms of how they work together to get the jobs done. Zoom calls have also made it a lot easier to work from home as I thought it may be difficult to get that work place environment from home before starting but Zoom has helped me feel more involved.”


Since the beginning of his internship with Trigon Hotels, Caolan has been a part of many new and exciting projects. Our Digital Marketing Manager, Megan Pardy, has been guiding Caolan on his journey with Trigon Hotels, to ensure he is getting the most out of the three months he has with us;

“I would like to make a special shout out to Megan who has been my Intern Coordinator and has been always there to give me a hand if I need help on anything but more importantly has made sure my internship is a learning experience rather than a dull experience. Megan has always made sure I am learning new skills such as creating content for the Explore Cork sections on both The Metropole Hotel and Cork International Hotels websites, social media content for the newly launched Harley’s StrEAT and also has had me involved with a Failte Ireland’s Family Segment website audit on Cork International Hotels’ website.”

Talking further about his experience so far, Caolan says, “I have also been given projects to work on such as trying to improve experiences in the hotels and have offered up ideas that the team were delighted with. One idea in which Megan asked me to investigate was ways to enhance family activities at Cork International Hotel. I came up with a ‘Plane Spotting Trail’ for children and their families to enjoy during their stay and also ways to further develop the hotel’s new Fairy Hotel concept.”

We are very proud of Caolan and what he has achieved so far in his internship. We are looking forward to expanding his knowledge about digital marketing and the hospitality sector, that he can then apply to his studies when he heads into his final year of his degree in September.


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